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In this article I’ll examine a couple of these inferior Web design conventions and expose their flaws. I’ll then suggest more effective alternatives to these conventions and explain why they work better. 3 Columns Done Wrong One of the early popular layout conventions for Web pages was the centered 3-column layout. This layout consists of […]

 If I accepted every project or every client who wanted to employ me, my product would be nothing more than a commodity. I’d be a (very unhappy) vendor simply selling stuff to customers. ButI am not a vendor. I’m a professional.  I could probably be successful selling design and development as commodities without discrimination to anyone who wanted […]

Amid the fanfare and fluster of the Olympic process it’s easy to forget the effort that went into branding each one. Over at the Idsgn blog they’ve done the job for us and taken a look at a whole bunch of different Olympic logos. Specifically, Idsgn’s examined how the logos evolved between the period between […]

Here are some valuable tips for writing graphic design briefs, kindly guest authored by Sharon Hayes of Round Box Design. Sharon has a wealth of experience and has been working as a graphic designer since 1994. 10 tips for writing graphic design briefs Realise that any designer you hire is a professional (or should be) […]

Also on Web Standardistas: a summary of Tal Lemming’s and Erik van Blokland’s .webfont Proposal. It appears we’re on the verge of a serious step forward for web typography and this proposal has significant support: FontFont, Emigre, H&FJ, House, Process.

College and university textbooks are notoriously expensive. As a Toronto Star story from earlier this year explains, “engineering and medical textbooks are particularly expensive and can range from $150 to $300 for a single book. It’s not unusual for students in other areas of study to spend more than $1,000 annually on textbooks.” So how […]