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 If I accepted every project or every client who wanted to employ me, my product would be nothing more than a commodity. I’d be a (very unhappy) vendor simply selling stuff to customers. ButI am not a vendor. I’m a professional.  I could probably be successful selling design and development as commodities without discrimination to anyone who wanted […]

Then go out and buy yourself one of these.

There’s been much hand-wringing about the PS3’s price and the fact it needed a cheap revamp ever since it launched in 2006. But here’s the thing–Sony didn’t drag its feet on the issue at all, especially if you look at the PS2’s history. Until yesterday, Sony’s PlayStation 3 was the most expensive console on the […]

If the interwebs were around back in 1983, here’s what the Apple website might have looked like. Someone should create an entire internet of 1983, and link it all together, as part of a campaign. This could be loads of fun. From Nathan McDonald.



GF Smith packaging Design SEA SEA have released SEA Works 3 unto world. The nearest thing to update you’re going to get, but good stuff nevertheless.