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Amid the fanfare and fluster of the Olympic process it’s easy to forget the effort that went into branding each one. Over at the Idsgn blog they’ve done the job for us and taken a look at a whole bunch of different Olympic logos. Specifically, Idsgn’s examined how the logos evolved between the period between […]

Andres Jaque Arquitectos has just completed a seminary renovation that would inspire envy among any rock star or nightclub owner. The seminary of the Plasencia Diocese in Spain had been operating out of two buildings, from the 15th and 19th century. But as the community services of the diocese has grown, they’ve found themselves pinched […]

David McCandless, an information designer based in London, was flummoxed by all the talk being bandied about, over government programs running into the billions. So he created a chart of the entire mess. As he writes over at Information is Beautiful: This image arose out of a frustration with the reporting of billion dollar amounts […]

There’s been much hand-wringing about the PS3’s price and the fact it needed a cheap revamp ever since it launched in 2006. But here’s the thing–Sony didn’t drag its feet on the issue at all, especially if you look at the PS2’s history. Until yesterday, Sony’s PlayStation 3 was the most expensive console on the […]